Who can you really trust with your meal prep needs? Why you should #EatElite.

Who can you really trust with your meal prep needs? Why you should #EatElite.

Who can you really trust with your meal prep needs? Why you should #EatElite.

Are you trusting just anyone with handling your meal prep? Well, then you’re already doing it wrong. How do you know what kinds of produce they use, or where they're getting them? Do you know what their kitchen practices are, or if they're even working out of a commercial kitchen? What's their strategy for the meals they choose? There’s a reason so many meal prep companies fail - they simply don’t know what they’re doing. Why has ELITE been a leader in the food prep industry for so many years? Why do reliable new sources such as FOX 5, Dr. Oz, and the Food Network feature our company? Simple. It’s because we’re better. We have the expertise, we have the qualifications, and we have the passion for helping people.

We have better quality foods.

  • We use fresh, all natural ingredients from trustworthy vendors
  • Our meals are low in sugar and sodium
  • They are also diabetic friendly
  • All of our poultry is cage free, hormone free, antibiotic free, and non-GMO.

We have better customer service.

  • We have real customer service representatives available to speak on the phone
  • Our webchat feature allows customers to get quick questions answered
  • We resolve ALL delivery issues in a timely manner
  • We respond quickly to any emails, calls, or social media messages

We care about our clients and their needs.

  • We offer clients a new menu items on a monthly basis
  • We work with their schedules for the best delivery day
  • We supply different types of meal plans for all kinds of people (keto, gluten free, low-carb)
  • And not only do we offer subscriptions, but customers can order meals in 10-packs

We know how to naturally preserve foods, without the use of additives or preservatives.

  • We flash freeze our food in a special freezer to allow all prepped food to be packed and shipped within hours.
  • Flash freezing rather than delivering fresh ensures clients their meals will not go to waste if not eaten within a few days.
  • All food being shipped is packaged with dry ice to ensure the food arrives in proper condition

We make your life easy & our ordering process convenient.

  • Our new website makes placing and order and processing payment a lot easier!
  • We do not require minimum commitment or charge cancellation fees.
  • Our ordering options are as simple as can be (subscription or 10-pack!)
  • Click what plan you want, tell us how many of each meal you’d like, then checkout. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Still not convinced?! Try it yourself! Give our food a try and you will not be disappointed. There's a reason our customers have been with us for years. Forget about the old ways of your meal prep. Come get with the best meal prep company around!

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