Top 5 ELC Meals To Help You Through The Summer

Top 5 ELC Meals To Help You Through The Summer

Top 5 ELC Meals To Help You Through The Summer

As we've preached for years now, you don't need to starve yourself on some unrealistic fad diet or deprive yourself of some of your favorite foods if your goal is to look/feel great this summer. 

The secret to getting in shape and staying in shape throughout the summer is as simple as consistency. Make sure you're continuing to eat a well-balanced diet and get moderate exercise in whenever you can. 

As the summer months begin to kick into high-gear, the high-calorie dishes seem less appealing, making it easier to make better food choices. There are plenty of light and refreshing Elite Lifestyle Cuisine options that can help you continue to succeed and keep you out of the kitchen! 

Our Top 5 Suggestions: 

Italian American: 

This dish became an immediate favorite, and is perfect for the season! A great, light meal filled with bright, delicious vegetables. Our healthy take on sausage and peppers, the Italian American includes grilled chicken sausage, and a mix of red, yellow, & green peppers with red onions. (Also a featured dish in our best-selling Keto Box!)

Italian Style Turkey Sliders:

A deliciously flavorful and healthy grill option and another dish that just shouts summertime! Our Italian Style Turkey Sliders features lean ground turkey sliders and mixed vegetables topped with our homemade bruschetta and fresh mozzarella. You won't believe how much flavor is packed in this light dish. (Also a featured dish in our best-selling Diet Box!)

Elite Spicy Chicken:

An amazing chicken dish with just a little kick! (But don't worry, nothing too spicy!) Our Elite Spicy Chicken is a lower-calorie meal that's just as filling! In this dish, we have lean grilled chicken breast with our homemade bbq sauce. We also replace white rice with a cauliflower rice and pack it with delicious veggies, making it great for either lunch or dinner!  (Also a featured dish in our best-selling Diet Box!)


Chicken & Chokes: 

A dish with a SERIOUS flavor profile! The Chicken & Chokes features grilled balsamic chicken breast, seasoned artichokes, and butternut squash! It's a great low-calorie option to grab n' go for lunch. If you haven't tried it yet - you must! (Also a featured dish in our best-selling Keto Box!) 


Cod Bruschetta:

A new addition to the Elite menu, our cod bruschetta does not disappoint! Cod is one of the leanest of all white fish, making this an ideal light summer dish! The cod bruschetta's balanced macronutrient profile makes it a perfect lunch or dinner option. The cod is simply broiled with a touch of paprika, served alongside string beans and carrots and topped with a fresh, homemade bruschetta.  (Also a featured dish in our best-selling Keto Box!)



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