How to Save $$ When You #EatElite

How to Save $$ When You #EatElite

How to Save $$ When You #EatElite

There's a common misguided belief that meal prep is not affordable. That's just NOT true! Don't believe us? Well, we'll help you see a few ways you could actually SAVE both time and money when you opt-in for already made healthy dishes.

First, think about these 3 questions...

Are you currently packing meals with you for lunch and/or cooking dinner at home?

If you're not, you're likely spending $12-$20 a meal dining out, ordering in, or stopping by a restaurant near your workplace.

If you are cooking, are you actually eating the leftovers you make at home?

When you put in the time to cook but don't eat those meals when they should be eaten (typically 2-3 days after its made), then you are only wasting time spent in the kitchen and money spent on groceries.

Are you taking advantage of the discounts and deals offered to you?

At Elite, we strive to make our meals affordable and accessible to anyone who is looking to save time, save money, and make better health-conscious decisions. We make it easy to get meals that you can rely on to keep your body functioning at its best - at an affordable cost!

Check out some of the ways you can save money when you #EatElite: 

Option 1: Custom Subscription

Have you checked out our NEW subscription box? The Custom Subscription Box at Elite lets you choose WHAT meals you want, WHEN you get them, and HOW OFTEN you get them delivered. Want 10 meals every 2 weeks? No problem! You'll only get charged when you order.

You can also manage your subscription, edit your preferences, and pause/cancel at any time with NO fees! Did we mention you get an additional 10% off on every single delivery? That's 10 meals for just $89.10!

Option 2: 10 for $99 Pack

Our classic all-time favorite. ELC is home to the famous 10 for $99 box. ANY 10 meals for less than $10 per meal! Many clients trying us out for the first time choose this box as a way of trying our delicious meals. 

This box is a one time order, but you can come back and order again whenever you want!

Option 3: Pre-selected Box Specials

We can't forget these great pre-selected box specials! These boxes have been a HIT lately! For just $89, you can choose 1 of our 6 pre-selected boxes that best fit your diet. You receive 10 meals in total!

On a ketogenic diet? Or counting calories? We have boxes for that! Love Italian dishes? There's a box for that too!

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